The Long-Promised Emily Update

I've been mentioning an update on the Emily books for a few weeks, and at last, I'm finally ready to spill all the beans.

After much thought, I have decided to update all five books in the Emily series. If you're not familiar with them, they are a young adult series of books featuring a sixteen-year-old named Emily Williams who went to England with her parents for a year. The five books detail Emily's year there, and subsequent return home.

I greatly love Emily, and I had lots of requests to revisit her, but her story arc was pretty much told. That is, it was told until I had a brilliant idea - to rework the books, making Emily older, giving her adult relationships (she has actual sexy times, people. ACTUAL SEXY TIMES!) and responsibilities, all while staying true to the original characters.

So that's what I did, starting with THE YEAR MY LIFE WENT DOWN THE LOO. I'm sure some of you already see the problem - I can't have two different versions of the book out. And since Adult Emily books will be marketed as adult romances (suitable for older teens), I don't want young readers getting confused.

I decided that the original Emilies would have to go (kind of, no panicking). As I rewrite and update each book in the series, the original book will be removed from publication. a way.

All five of the original Emily books will be compiled into two e-book compendiums. The first compendium, THE ART OF BEING EMILY, will be published in August 23rd. It contains the full text of the original THE YEAR MY LIFE WENT DOWN THE LOO, THEY WEAR WHAT UNDER THEIR KILTS? and WHAT'S FRENCH FOR "EW!"? books. The compendium is available for a preorder-only low price, so if you missed the Emily books, I'd suggest grabbing the preorder to save money.

The second Emily compendium, EMILY, INTERRUPTED will contain the full text of the original versions of THE TAMING OF THE DRU, LIFE, LOVE, AND THE PURSUIT OF HOTTIES, and the short story that details Emily's wedding, TELL THEM HERBERT SENT YOU.

EMILY, INTERRUPTED will be published soon (stay tuned for exact pub dates on it).

While a compendium for e-books is all well and fine, it would be hideously expensive in print. For that reason, the original Emilies will be available individually only in print. THE YEAR MY LIFE WENT DOWN THE LOO is in the process of being reprinted now, with subsequent original Emily books to follow in print roughly every six weeks or so.

So what about the rewritten Emily books, I hear some of you asking. I'm hoping to have the first book out at the beginning of December, and will have more information about that in the next few weeks. And yes, it will be available both in e-book and trade-size print formats, and will be followed by rewritten versions of all the original books over the next year.

Audio book fans: my darling agent Michelle is working on selling the audio rights of both original and new Emily books. We will announce news as we have it.

That was a huge chunk of text, huh? Let me do a fast recap for folks whose eyes glazed over:

1. The Emily series is being re-written for the adult market, with adult content, but with the same characters.
2. The original series e-books will be available only in two compendiums: the first, THE ART OF BEING EMILY, will contain the first three Emily books, while the second compendium, EMILY, INTERRUPTED will contain the last two books, plus a short story with Emily's wedding.

3. Print versions of the compendiums are too costly, so individual original Emily books will be available in print format (the e-book originals will be found in the compendiums...see #2)
4. The first of the New Emily books will be available in (fingers crossed) December, in both print and print-on-demand format (AKA trade paperback size).
5. Audio book versions will likely also be forthcoming.
6. The first compendium is now available at a preorder-only special low price. If you want the first three Emily books in e-book format, I'd suggest preordering to save a few bucks.

If you have questions or comments about the new Emily book, or what's happening to the originals (I know it's confusing), please let me know!



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